Vineyard Walk

A small group of eager-to-learn vinophiles are invited to join Jessica on an educational walk though the vines at Ruby Vineyard. Learn about the various growth stages of the vines, examine vines of different ages, and learn what it means to be organic and LIVE certified. Along the way guests will also get a sneak peak at our newest Tasting Experience project, and will have a chance to play with our happy piglets.

This is the first walk of the season, we will host a walk about every 6 weeks at different growth stages of the vines and grapes. We encourage guests to join multiple walks to follow along with the vineyard development first hand.

The ground we will be walking on is unsteady and we advise all guests to take caution. Walks will be held rain or shine, so please come prepared. The ground can be wet or dusty so please wear appropriate shoes.

Walks will finish with a glass of wine in the tasting room.


Tickets include walk, education, and a glass of wine.

$15 for non-member

Free for members (discounted at checkout)